Mobile Massage Therapy in Torquay:


Massage therapy in the comfort of your own home is offered in the Torquay area by Ray Vyse, your mobile Revitalise Massage therapist.


Massage therapy can aid relaxation and help you de-stress. It can help ease aching muscles or stiff joints and help people with sports injuries or various long-term health conditions.

After your mobile massage is complete you can then relax in the comfort of your own home.

  • Famous for 15 minutes!
    Just to let you know that I attended the Parliamentary launch of an information leaflet recently. I am featured on the leaflet & was a guest speaker at Portcullis House, Westminster.
  • Siân James MP and her Melanoma Taskforce...
    were interested in a massage client of mine who developed a malignant melanoma in 2008.
    Read more here
    And here
  • I recognised the problem
    & persuaded her to see her doctor. After diagnosis, the melanoma was successfully removed. This was put forward as an example for other therapists, beauticians and hairdressers.


The mobile massage service I provide is entirely professional and uses only recommended base oils. Towel draping ensures that your modesty is respected at all times.


For new clients a short, free consultation is necessary. The benefits and safety precautions are discussed and then the required procedures and techniques agreed upon.



Mobile Service - Full body 1 hour Swedish massage therapy.
£25 - £30
Mobile Service - Arms, shoulders and back ½ hour therapy.
£15 - £20
(Discount for two clients at the same location.)


[Ray Vyse M.I.C.H.T.]