Mobile Massage Therapy in & Around Torquay:

ReVitalise Massage of Torquay

Massage therapy in the comfort of your own home is offered in the Torquay area by Ray Vyse[M.I.C.H.T.] your mobile ReVitalise Massage therapist.


Massage therapy can aid relaxation and help you de-stress. It can help ease aching muscles or stiff joints and help people with sports injuries or various long-term health conditions.

After your mobile massage is complete you can then relax in the comfort of your own home.


The mobile massage service I provide is entirely professional and uses only recommended base oils. Towel draping ensures that your modesty is respected at all times.


For new clients a short, free consultation is necessary. The benefits and safety precautions are discussed and then the required procedures and techniques agreed upon.



Treatments in my Kingskerswell Therapy Room:

Full body Swedish Massage Therapy. (1 hour)£22
Back & Shoulders Massage (1/2 hour)£12

Mobile Service: (depending on distance)

Full body Swedish Massage Therapy. (1 hour)£25-£30
Back & Shoulders Massage (1/2 hour)£15-£18
(Discounts for two clients at the same location.) 
[Ray Vyse M.I.C.H.T.]